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Sample ESL Lesson Plans

Here are some of the lesson plans I used for my ESL classes, along with my final project. All files are in PDF format, and require the Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded from the Adobe website. Click on the lesson titles to download the PDF's

Lesson Plan #1: Speaking Lesson

Title: Oral Traditions (2MB)
Beginner 2
Description: This lesson focuses on oral traditions, folk-tales, and storytelling. It creates a friendly atmosphere for students to tell both traditional stories and personal ones.

Lesson Plan #2: Grammar Lesson

Title: Making Suggestions (1.27MB)
Level: Intermediate
Description: The grammar point used in this exercise was assigned to me. I created my text based around this grammar point, and designed several activities to direct the students to use this concept in conversation. This lesson also needs this activity sheet. (298KB)

Lesson Plan #3: 45 Minute Integrated Lesson

Title: The Dinner Party (180KB)
Level: Beginner 2
Description: The purpose of a 45 minute integrated lesson plan is to incorporate several aspects of English language usage into one lesson. The text for this lesson was written by me. This lesson focused on reading and speaking. By this point, the students had already met me, and knew something about some of my interests (cooking is one of them). This allowed me to personalize the lesson to a great degree, including questions such as "Your teacher, Ananda, is the son in the text. True or False." This created a lot of discussion among the students: "I don't think it's him. He likes to cook." "Yes, but he mostly talks about baking. Maybe he doesn't know how to make soup."

Lesson Plan #4: Listening Lesson

Title: "Oh No! It's Broken!" (363KB)
Level: Beginner 1
Description: The script for this lesson was assigned to me, and I had to find people to record it. I tried to make the lesson more fun by involving lots of different visuals and modeling (I had a broken pair of sunglasses that one student kept insisting he could fix for me after class).

Final Project: Three 90 Minute Integrated Lesson Plans (covering one broad theme).

Please note that these lesson plans were not implemented, but created with the following assumption: You need to be out of town for three days, and you want someone to substitute for you. You have to present your substitute with a detailed lesson plan including everything he/she will need. Also, since you know the class and the substitute does not, include potential points which may need clarification.
High Intermediate
Overall Theme: Music

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