"Rotten Metropolis #2"

"Rotten Metropolis" was a cassette label started by Sam Bennett. In his self-proclaimed "shameless plug," he declared that Rotten Metropolis "can and should be considered a public service available to anyone." Pretty DIY. This release got to be called "Rotten Metropolis #2" because that's what it was. "Rotten Metropolis #1" was a demo by a cool Fugazi-ish band called Rugburn, and "Rotten Metropolis #3" was a demo by a cool, very straight edge sounding band, Martha Dumptruck, that featured Jeberrekeñelle's future drummer, Brian Tamborello.

So, here we were, nameless, and sandwiched between two real bands, with real songs, with song titles and everything. Oh, yeah, I guess I didn't mention that we didn't have real song titles either huh... Well, these are the songs, as listed on the inside cover of "Rotten Metropolis #2":


The Songs

Download the cover here and the inserts here and here....

This is the print version of: