HUSK (Old School)

The "Physics" & "Red Light" Sessions

HUSK's "Physics" and "Red Light" sessions represents a lighter side of HUSK (is there another? I'm not sure...) Songs 1-4 were created in Mr. Billig's high school physics class and during our lunch hour. They were recorded in the summer of 1995, I believe. Songs 5-7 were recorded the following year for our friend, Laura's, birthday. Laura had a bad habit of running red lights. She also had a bad habit of listening to all that hippy stuff. So Ben and I addressed both of those serious topics by recording three life-changing songs.

The art for the cover of the "Physics" and "Red Light" sessions is a collaborative effort of many of my high school friends. The Einstein looking fellow is Dan B, who played in Something Like That. Below him, wearing glasses, is Ananda. To my right, with a big smile, is Dan Silver, who played in Folk Songs. The blond-haired, shades-wearing, glam-rock-looking guy is Ben. The only other identifiable character in this drawing is Aaron G, who can be found in the middle of the left hand border (bluish shade). Aaron co-wrote the Jeberrekeñelle language with me.

Old School

The Songs

  1. Basic Principles of Ben
  2. Naked
  3. Basic Principles of Ben (Oh Shit)
  4. Naked (Again)
  5. Wish You Were A Red Light
  6. Through a Red Light to Heaven
  7. The Girl With Kaleidoscope Eyes

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