Heavenly Undeniably Sexy Kings

Songs 1-7 originally released on Reality Control? Recordings. Song 8 released on an international 2xCD compilation. Songs 9-13 are instrumental mixes of the first five HUSK songs. All songs recorded by John Lyons, except song 16, recorded onto a 4-track by Ananda.


The Songs

  1. Go?
  2. She's Gone
  3. A Reluctant Realization
  4. An Attempt At Expression
  5. A Dream Concerning The Fact...
  6. ?
  7. Man With Me
  8. Experience
  9. She's Gone
  10. A Reluctant Realization
  11. An Attempt At Expression
  12. A Dream Concerning The Fact...
  13. Man With Me
  14. Experience (Slow Mix)
  15. Found Song
  16. Experience (Rough)

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