A Very Well-Calculated Lack of Cohesion

DWAB's "A Very Well Calculated Lack of Cohesion" is almost exactly that.... "Almost" because the "very well calculated" part is a bit misleading. Very seldom are DWAB projects well planned, and often, the ones that are planned are never executed as was planned.

None of the songs on this CD belong here. At least, I never intended to have them here. In my mind, I was thinking, "There could be a DWAB guitarron CD... or there could be the Chinese instrument CD..." The song "The Little Man" was supposed to be its own mini-CD, and I had such a good collection of songs that John had helped me on that I was even going to do another DWAB "John Lyons" CD.

But, as you can tell, these "ideas" didn't quite materialize. Maybe it's because I can procrastinate when it comes to some of these ideas. Maybe it was because I was afraid that if I did not put these songs on a CD soon, I never would get around to doing it at all... I don't know...

In a way, though, it works in much the same way that my music "works." There is no grand plan, but somehow, at least to me, it works out in the end, and I am happy. Something happens with the way the songs are thrown together, where after a while, I can even fool myself into thinking there was a plan.

There never was really...

Most of these songs were recorded on my own, between 2000 and 2002. Some are ancient in terms of the actual recording ("The Little Man" and "The Strumstick Songs" for example). Others are ancient in terms of when they were written, but have only recently been recorded (like the creatively titled "New Old Song.")

But, these rambling notes aside, just give the songs a bit of attention for a couple of listens, and remember, it was all very well calculated... it is actually a part of a big plan of mine...

~ Ananda

A Very Well-Calculated Lack of Cohesion

The Songs

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