The Amy Songs

... The Amy Songs...

Originally I was going to call this CD "Acoustic Sketches," but as I was putting it together, Amy came into the room and jokingly asked, "Are these the Amy songs?" "Yes," I said. "It's just a few of them though..." And suddenly, my whole idea about the CD changed. So, here we have it. A few of my Amy songs. I usually make up the lyrics as I go along - just as a reminder. But I tend to only sing them to one person... Anyway, some of these have made their way from being just "sketches" to being actually well-recorded songs, but many have not, and this can serve as a document reflecting the first true collection of Amy songs.

Cover photo by Brian Tamborello - Thanks!

The Amy Songs

The Songs

T | H | E

A | M | Y

S | O | N | G | S

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