The John Lyons Sessions

For those of you who don't get the cover / title reference, the John Lyons Sessions is a take-off on the John Peel Sessions. Anyone with an ounce of sense who wanted to get a good recording of their stuff at a decent price went to John Lyons.

When I was trying to figure out what to do for the cover, the thought came to me that many people ask me, "What does DWAB mean?" I decided to use this question as the basis for the cover, and with the help of some friends, came up with an (incomplete) list of DWAB acronyms. The cover lists the following:

dutifully working against bullies don't wander away bastard determining why anger blooms
dumb whites annoy barney drunk women aren't beautiful drunk women are belligerent
daniel webster's amazing book don't wait around bathrooms donna wins another boyfriend
dinosaurs with albino babies drummer whirling a baton during war anger brews
dreamy wonderlands! amazing beasts don't worship anything bad drafting was always boring
drowning witches and brooms distortion was a band daring whales ambush boats
dirty white animals bathing dazzling women adore baboons ducks went after bulls
dining wombats ate beef drugged weasels assault babies discovering why asses brey
dead worms are beneficial dancing with a bovine desert was after breakfast
demand water and bread danish women are beautiful dog with a bone
dumb white anglo bastards davies water advisory board desire warrants animalistic behavior
dainty watches always break darlin', whistle another ballad disappearing warships at bermuda
dumb willing and blond dante's world accommodates beasts dinner with a bullet
darin was annoyingly boisterous ditsy women are bubbly dog welfare adoption bureau
david was a bisexual don't wear animal bodies brian avery was dyslexic
dark women are beautiful demons working against bibles drunk with a beer
dishes washed and broken devotion weakens a bond? describe without adjectives: brown
demons, witches, and brujas down wit a brutha defeated when arrows break
down where aborigines blow didgeridoos while acting blissfully dopers without any bud devil worship at breakfast
daring willie ate beetles digging wells around bayous doing well after boyhood
do weirdos always beckon? devil with a beard dating women at bars
depraved wizard attempts brainwashing dudes winking at babes doing without any bee-gees
dancing wild adventurous boars diphtheria was a bummer democrats with alternative business

As you can tell, a lot of them are silly. There are a few inside jokes, such as "Dinner with a bullet" is in response to another local band, "Picnic with a Gun."  Also, within this list lies the original acronym for DWAB.

Anyway, more about the CD... The John Lyons Sessions were exclusively acoustic, and originally instrumental. The songs were originally recorded in 1996, and a long time later, I decided to try recording vocals over most of them.

The John Lyons Sessions

The Songs

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