The Exciting Nights of Discordant Torture

Here are some of the original liner notes to The Exciting Nights of Discordant Torture.

These notes are not included in the CD version of the release (mostly because not everything applies, and finding the space to put all the notes can be tough at times....

About this tape:

This tape is a representation of a musical side of DWAB which is not nearly as exposed as I think it ought to be... which, due to the limited availability of this release makes this tape sort of a hypocritical production.

But that thought shall be put aside, and the tape exists, if only because its existence is of immeasurable importance to me.

Many of the songs found on here were recorded on my own in my bedroom on a little 4-track. They are very reflective of the very first DWAB songs especially in the spontaneous nature of their creation. In other words, most of these songs are not pre-rehearsed or pre-planned... The evening just called for some musical excitement and I grinned at the opportunity.

Often, songs created on such nights are performed by lonesome me, although as you can see, the majority of these songs employ the fine talents of at least one other person.

Whenever I can, I try to refrain from relying solely on conventional instruments. Or, at the very least, to refrain from using them in an entirely conventional way. Absolutism is neither possible, nor is it desired in most cases, and I do not have the musical knowledge necessary to break conventional methods of performing. Blah blah blah... feel free to read on...

About some of the music:

Most of the songs on this tape are previously unreleased. Here are the exceptions: You're Doing It Wrong, First Poem For A Friend, Confusion Corner, Kiss, Leer Hjitum, and Conformity. Of those, You're Doing It Wrong and Leer Hjitum appeared on a compilation cassette titled TOCMOS released on Loquacity Recordings. The Kiss version on this tape is a slightly longer, slightly remixed version than the version found on the original DWAB tape Music For And About Gods. The other three songs which are previously released all appear on the DWAB 10" One Final Episode In Our Attempts At Persistence released on Reality Control? Recordings. Of the three songs, First Poem For A Friend is from the same session as the 10", and is simply a remixed version. The version of Conformity is one of the older versions of this song (the earliest version of this song is virtually an instrumental (slight vocal work), without a drum machine). This version added a couple of parts along with drums and vocals. Similarly, the version of Confusion, Corner on this tape is an earlier version, without drums. There is an entirely different sounding song on the Music For And About Gods tape which uses the same lyrics. The same can be said for Elaborations... The words are the same, just sung to a different tune. A song worth mentioning here would be the one titled Rehashed Music. The title of the piece refers to the bass line, which, many years ago, was an introduction to a Jeberrekeñelle song. The introduction never had a title, so here, I am calling it what it is... Blah blah blah... yes folks, there's more to read...

Actually, the text that followed talked about the included artwork (which is now included in the Ananda & Ben live CD since it is more appropriate there). The original 25 copies of this tape came in cardboard boxes used to ship artists' paints. The boxes were roughly 4.5 inches square, and 1.25 inches deep. The covers had four or five variations of brownline prints of large format photo negatives. Inside the box, there were several different things. First, there was the tape, minus a case, but housed in a paper sleeve wrapper hand stamped with a hand-carved rubber stamp. Second, there were two wood-block prints, printed on decorative paper. Third, there was a Xeroxed 8.5 x 11 inch piece of paper folded up into eights. One side had the tracklist, lyrics, and performers. The other side had miniaturized reproductions of the artwork now found in the Ananda & Ben CD. Finally, there was an 8 page blueprint booklet with a chipboard cardboard cover containing the above text and a little more.

After the first 25 tapes had been distributed, I reformatted the Xeroxed page to fit a cassette format, and created a few regular cassettes for people who had heard about the release and wanted a copy.


The Songs:

Download the cover here and the insert here....

This is the print version of: