The 2657 Productions Catalog

Below is a list of the current releases by 2657 Productions. Currently, DWAB is the only project from this list that still persists. The band name takes you to a page with the band's "history." The mini-CD cover icons and the catalog numbers take you to the information page for that particular CD. Also, don't forget to check out the DWAB Family Tree to see how inbred all these bands are!

All CDs are now online!!! ENJOY!!! (Except the Song Sketches stuff... but that will come someday!) You can also listen to tracks before you download them by visiting 2657 Productions Radio (new window) powered by the Flash-based Wimpy MP3 Player.

  Ananda & Ben  
A & B

A Concert at 2657 Foothill Road. April 6th, 1997

MFAAG Music For, and about Gods D0001
Summer Entertainment Summer Entertainment & {Preliminary} D0002a
Discordant Torture The Exciting Nights of Discordant Torture D0003
OFEIOAAP One Final Episode in our Attempts at Persistence D0004
John Lyons Sessions The John Lyons Sessions D0005
Sherman's Sherman's Unfiltered Music D0006
Silly Songs Silly Songs and Odd Ditties D0007
Rarities Rarities D0008
Amy Songs The Amy Songs D0009
AVWCLOC A Very Well Calculated Lack of Cohesion D0010
DWAB vs. Folk Songs
Evolution Evolution DFS01
Folk Songs
Folk Songs [Demo, 4-track & Live] FS01
Danless Danless FS02
HUSK Heavenly, Undeniably-Sexy Kings H01
Sour Part The One With the Sour Part H02
HUSK (Old School)
Old School The "Physics" and "Red Light" Sessions HOS
Jeberrekenelle The Studio Recordings J01
Live at KCSB Live at KCSB J02
"Rotten Metropolis #2"
RM#2 "Rotten Metropolis #2" RM01
The "September's Tuesdays" Collaborative
STC The Second Attempt: Tuesday September 19th, 2000 STC01
The SK-1 Men
The SK-1 Men [First Quarter, 2001] SK101
The SK-1 Men [Second Quarter, 2001] SK102
The SK-1 Men Duel: Introduction and Resolution SK103
The SK-1 Men The Complete Released SK-1 Men Recordings SK1C
Something Like That
SLT Merlin SLT01
SLT Music Lessons SLT02
SLT Something Like That SLT03
SLT Epic Proportions SLT04
SLT Just Like That SLT05
Song Sketches
Unfinished Work Unfinished Work Sketch1
Second Collection Second Collection Sketch2
Stephen Hero
Stephen Hero Demo SH01
Three Friends
Three Friends A Conversation TF01

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