Three Friends

Three Friends is more of a documentation of an evening than a band. John and I had played some music together in the past, but nothing concrete. Sam and I had played music together. Sam and John had lived together and run an all ages club together.

Sam was no longer living in the Santa Barbara area, but he was back in California from North Carolina. He decided to visit quiet old Santa Barbara one day, and here's the story:

John calls me up. "Hey Ananda. Sam just called and said he's in town. He wants to get together and play some music on Sunday." "Sounds good," I say, and we set a date for Sunday at noon... just for a couple of hours.

Sunday comes. John, Elizabeth and I meet for breakfast. A good time is had as always. Then we meet Sam at the club and start to play. No one has played in quite some time. John and I haven't seen Sam for a few months. We are all being lazy. Mostly, we talk, but the minidisc goes on recording. Every now and again, our conversation gets interrupted by some music. Nothing flashy... just playing... remembering... the things old friends do together to keep busy on a lazy Sunday....

Three Friends only recorded that particular session, titled A Conversation, but have gotten together on numerous occasions in very much the same manner... Who knows? There may be more to come....

Three Friends

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