Something Like That

Who were or what was Something Like That?

Something Like That was an improvisation project centered around Ananda, Carl Simpson, and Joe Shelton. We met for 5 consecutive weekends from August 23rd, 1998 until September 20th, 1998. We recorded our improvised noise at a shabby practice space in Santa Barbara. There were usually more people joining us while we played.... Brett, Dan, Inti, Nick and Kent. We also had an obnoxious hippie walk in on one of our sessions, and he was fortunate enough to have us immortalize him in our music....

This is the Something Like That story as told in the liner notes to the CD "Just Like That"

What was it?

I think it was something like five guys sitting together, some time in the middle of August, wanting to jam. There was a guitar or two, some drums, a bass, a bass-clarinet, and a handful of other noisemakers. As you would expect, they were all waiting to be used to make noise. And this continued for over a month, each weekend giving rise to a slightly altered assemblage of individuals and instrumentation. We had the hand drums, the keyboards, the metal pipes, toy accordions, pianjos, balloons, santouris.... Whatever we could get our hands on, we would use. No objective other than to have fun on the weekend making music. Sound quality was not the greatest of our concerns. These CDs are the documentations of those days of fun and music. And you could certainly call our songs music.... Or something like that....


The Something Like That Discography


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A note about the CDs.... There were originally only two Something Like That CDs. "Merlin" & "Music Lessons" were combined on one CD, and the remaining three were put together on one CD. Later, especially when we considered the low cost of blank CDs, we decided to put each session out as an individual CD. At this point, we also re-designed the CD covers. Ben Jaques is the luck owner of the original hand made CD covers.... All other copies, including mine, are simply prints off the computer....

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