The SK-1 Men

The SK-1 Men coexisted alongside Song Sketches. Basically, while Song Sketches was around, Brian's presence at practice was never guaranteed, so to keep ourselves busy, John and I started The SK-1 Men. Besides, the Casio SK-1 is such a cool toy to play with that we couldn't keep our hands off it if we tried.

Due to the nature of our existence, we weren't very prolific. Usually John and I just hung out, ate ice-cream sandwiches, and walked around "The Living Room" (the club that also served as John's recording studio and our practice space) trying to find anything that made a sound. Once we found something oddly noisy enough, we would sample it and try to improvise a song based on the sample.

At the beginning, there was only one SK-1 to be shared between the two of us, so inevitably, we also employed other instruments in the songwriting process. John and I were happy with the results, and that structure remained throughout most of The SK-1 Men's recorded output. Later on, John managed to find another SK-1, which he passed on to me, and, while this was a lot of fun, I think it also led to a certain amount of a lack of coordination of efforts.... Essentially the recording sessions where we tried to use more than one SK-1 ended up being a little bit too chaotic even for our liking....

Jammin' with the Casios

The SK-1 Men Discography


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