The "September's Tuesdays Collaborative"

The "September's Tuesdays Collaborative" was something that was supposed to go on for at least the month of September. As far as I remember, someone who was participating was going to be gone by October, but ended up staying.... Initially, the participants were Ananda, John, Steve and Michael. Our first attempt was fun, but not groundbreaking. The following week, on Tuesday September 19th, 2000, Brian joined us, and while the result was again not groundbreaking, it was still a productive evening, resulting in almost 50 minutes of improvised music that we felt was worth releasing.

With the second week being somewhat of a success, we decided to try to jam again the following week. It totally flopped. I scanned the minidisc several times hoping to find some redeeming passage of music. The discouragement that followed led to me loosing interest. John, Steve and Michael persisted with their work, simply assuming the name "Tuesdays," and went on to produce an incredibly ambitious catalog of over 20 releases. It was an awesome project, and a very cool experience to watch the transformation of the three core musicians over the time that they played together.

The "September's Tuesdays Collaborative" produced only one CD with 14 untitled songs on it: The Second Attempt: Tuesday Sept. 19th 2000. The only liner notes were: Recorded live @ The Living Room. Tuesday September 19th, 2000. No Justifications Necessary.

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