(Jeberrekeñelle) Folk Songs

Folk Songs fearlessly rose from the ashes of Jeberrekeñelle. Aware of the lack of commercial success that we would have as a band, we decided to simply charge forth with our newly refined sound and let the "scene" make what it would of it. Sam was no longer the guitar player, but instead, provided us the quirky drumming necessary for the sonic assault we were preparing to present. The guitar player position had yet to be filled, but was done quite quickly recruiting a Jeberrekeñelle fan, Dan Silver, who was also working on another project with Sam.

Dan rocked. When the two of us started practicing together, I was smiling like crazy inside. This was what we needed.... Heavy sounds combined with crazy melodies. Hell—we even had guitar solos.

Folk Songs was doomed to a short existence, a fact determined by Sam planning to move to North Carolina, but that didn't stop us from forging ahead in our pursuit. As a band, we only had about 20-25 minutes of music (some eight or nine songs). A lot of the music came from some DWAB songs that I was working on at the time. So, in a sense, it was an experiment at putting DWAB in a band setting. But it was also an extension of Jeberrekeñelle, in the sense that both bands shared two common members and in the sense that Folk Songs often included a couple of Jeberrekeñelle songs in their sets.

When the time came that Sam had to leave, we decided to do a short tour across the States, and did so in a ten-day road trip. In a way, Jeberrekeñelle was finally given closure with the end of Folk Songs.

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There is also a DWAB vs. Folk Songs CD, "Evolution," that serves to illustrate the transformation of a song with the passing of time....


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