Ananda & Ben

Ananda & Ben, as represented in the 2657 Productions catalog is not exactly a band, but rather a one-time acoustic concert, and just one part of a long-lasting friendship.

According to the liner notes for the release "A Concert at 2657 Foothill Road. April 6th, 1997," here's the story of that legendary concert:

On the sixth of April, 1997, the creative minds of Ananda and Ben came together in a performance held in a little room at 2657 Foothill Road. A few lucky souls were invited to this rare performance, and enjoyed a night of great music, cheesecake, and coffee.

This recording is the documentation of that night. The musical set was comprised of ten songs. The first three were performed by Ananda, as was the first half of the fourth song. During the fourth song, Ben accompanied Ananda, and they continued by playing three old time HUSK songs together. Ben took the stage for the last three songs.

During the performance, a small blank book was passed around the room to the audience. As an "admission fee" of sorts, they were all required to produce a drawing. Most agreed to the fee, but others got away enjoying the night for free.

There's not a lot more to say about this release.... Following this concert, I played a few more shows solo, as Ananda (not DWAB or Mr. DWAB). Ben, as far as I know, has always simply gone by "Ben" when playing solo. Ben and I continue to make music whenever the need arises, and this is just one of the documentations of our many collaborations.

Ananda & Ben

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