About 2657 Productions

2657 Productions is the name given to my personal "record label." It is named, quite unoriginally, after the street address where many of my recordings were created. I don't live or record there anymore (at least not full-time), and it wasn't the first place I started recording, but I liked the way the name sounded, and it has stuck with me since. 2657 Productions is not a "real" record label. I don't actively produce records, market them, sell them in stores and so on. On the other hand, I do enjoy making music, I do love drawing and art, and I do love playing around on the computer. Put those three things together, and you've got some of the basics of producing a CD. And typically, that's what I do.... Maybe once a year or so, I try to come out with a new CD, design a cover, make 20 copies or so, and pass them out to my friends.If you'd like to find out a little bit about my musical background, click here....

About This Site

The impetus for starting this site is the desire to make my music available to more people. As I have no intentions of ever trying to sell my music, I felt a website would be a good place to offer some of it for free. This site is dedicated to my music, but you can also access my old site and check out my art, stories, poems, and ramblings here. Also if you are interested in my "professional" life, click here.

Moving On

All of the CDs produced by 2657 Productions are currently online. The easiest way to access them directly is to visit the 2657 Catalog. All CDs have artwork present for download as .PDF files. Download, listen, enjoy, share, delete, etc., and contact me with comments or questions! Also, be sure to check out the 2657 Productions sub-section "So Sue Me Already" to find out about some of the people I play music with and hear some of their music....

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